Waste Bin


At Wacker Sanitary we provide our client with a heavy duty plastic roll carts for waste, debris and recycling.
Carts are available in 35 and 65 gallon sizes.
Waste pick up is every other week. Recycling and yard debris every week.

Please set out your waste bins by 6:00 a.m.

If you have more garbage than will fit in your roll cart please leave excess trash in a bag or container next to the waste bin. Also if you have large items such as mattresses or furniture
There will be an extra fee call or contact us if you need an estimate

You can also sign up for collection day email remainders at this Portland Government link

And of course in case you run into hazardous illegal dumping in your neighborhood follow this link to find out more about it and  how to report it.

Please place your recyclables in the blue bin.

blue recycle bin

And yard debris, compost and organics in the green Bin.

green organic debris bin