Wacker Sanitary Location

You can find us at:

3055 NW Yeon #80 Portland Oregon 97210

Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM. – 3:00 PM


We hope you are all keeping warm as the weather is turning colder.

And we see all those leaves on the ground. They are compostable but if you want to move  the out entirely put them in your yard debris bin.

Picked up weekly. We will help you keep your yard in order through the seasons.

Get ready to rake some leaves. Be sure to put everything that do not wish to compost in the yard debris bin.
Do not have one? Call us and we’ll get you one!
Remember Leaves are great for composting they will naturally break down over the year and be ready for your soil when it is time to plant again.
Make sure the rest of the debris is regular sized, contents must fall freely from the roll cart and the weight should not exceed 135 lbs.