Gerund or present participle: recycling
Converting (waste) into reusable material.
“car hulks were recycled into new steel”
return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process.
use again.
“she believes in recycling her papers”
Saving the planet.

We will help you recycle your waste.

The Blue Bin goes out every week:

You can recycle papers, plastics and metals. No plastic bags, pesticide, herbicide or household garbage.

Find out on how to recycle your electronics

Here is some additional information to help you out.

The Blue Bin:

The items in the bins should fall freely when tipped.
Do not put plastic bags in the blue bin. They tie up the machinery and rollers at the recycling center and could be a safety hazards for handlers.
Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, and phone books and other paper items can be placed loose in cart.
You can also put cardboard in but please flatten it. Cardboard should not be larger than 3’ X 3’ wide so break it down if it is.
No food, food contaminated paper, tissue paper, coated papers into the blue bin.
Metal and metal Cans: steel & aluminum can go in the blue bin, but please rinse them clean. Aerosol Cans can go too. Please don’t puncture of flatten them and remove the plastic cap. You can also add metal which is smaller than 30” long and less than 40 lbs.
Milk jugs, juice cartons and bottles, drink boxes can go in the blue bin, but rinse them first please. No straws .
Glass: glass is recycled separately, do not put it in the blue bins, remove the lids and place glass bottles and jars into a separate container. We can provide you with a glass bin.
Plastic Bottles: Include bottles with necks smaller than the base or with screw tops. Discard lids, caps, and pumps. Rinse bottles, and put in cart.
Plastic items: Plant flats, gardening pots and buckets. Containers such as plastic tubs used for yogurt, cottage cheese and salsas. Please clean them before placing in blue bins..
No motor oil, pesticide & other hazardous material bottles or hazardous waste.
blue bin recyclables


Leave next to the bins:

Motor Oil: Recycle in a see-through, unbreakable container, (no larger than two gallons),with a screw top lid.

Household hazardous waste is accepted by Metro at no charge. Please call 503-234-3000 for information.

The Green Bin: Food waste and yard debris cart information and instructions

We pick up yard debris and food scraps weekly
There is a 100 lbs weight limit.
You can add your compost and food scraps to the green bin.

green bin
green bin yard debris

Do not put the following items in the green bin or compost pail:

Plastic items
Paper items
Pet waste, No dog waste or kitty litter please.
Non organic items.